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The 6 Most Popular College Majors

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When your goal is to attend a college or university in the United States, six popular majors receive the most attention. Here are the top six majors for 2020 at American institutions and a few of the best schools to attend to pursue your career. Online SAT Prep, Done Right -

Business and Management

An estimated 289,000+ degrees are awarded annually. The top three schools for business are the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Southern California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Admission to these institutions is highly competitive with acceptance rates of 8%, 13% and 7%, respectively. Even if you don’t want to attend one of the top 3 colleges for business, that’s okay. There are great programs around the country, where you can discover concentrations and departments for almost any interest, including quantitative analysis, supply chain management, and organizational behavior.


An estimated 141,000+ nursing degrees are awarded annually. According to Nursing Schools Almanac, the United States' highest-ranked program is found at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. It scores high marks for its DNP, MSN, and online programs, earning its third consecutive award for professional development and student learning in 2020. About 1,200 students get into the program each year, with the school averaging a 96.3% NCLEX passing rate.


An estimated 127,000+ psychology degrees are awarded annually. When your goal is to study psychology, the highest-ranked institution in America is Harvard University. This elite, private school is found in the Boston area, enrolling approximately 7,000 students each year into the program. About 98% of students achieve full-time work or open independent practices. Admissions are competitive, with a published acceptance rate of only 5%.


An estimated 120,000+ biology degrees are awarded annually. The top three universities for biology are Harvard, Stanford and MIT. Founded in 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has about 11,000 students, although over half of them are pursuing a graduate degree. It uses a 4-1-4 instructional model, providing an independent activities period for January learning. The different labs and research centers found here can prepare you for almost any career in this field. Online SAT Subject Test Prep, Done Right -


An estimated 117,000+ engineering degrees are awarded annually. Although engineering specialties each have different schools to consider that are better than others, the U.S.'s best undergraduate program is the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. It's a small school, with a total enrollment of only 2,000. Over 80 different clubs are available to help you get active, including an EcoCAR challenge team. Despite its size, the program competes as an NCAA DIII school in numerous sports.

Education: 102,000+ Applicants

An estimated 102,000+ education degrees are awarded annually. If you plan to pursue an education major, the best American school in 2020 is Vanderbilt University. It features ten schools across a 330-acre campus in Nashville, providing a vibrant campus life while offering numerous urban attractions. You’ll get to discover what it takes to be an educator in our world today while pursuing several specialties.

Applying to the best colleges for these popular degrees is one potential start for your undergraduate career. There are numerous accredited institutions offer similar programs that fit your budget, location, and quality requirements! Take your time, visit some campuses, and select the school that feels like it is the right fit.

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