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What Are the Best Undergraduate Majors to Apply for Law School?

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If you dream of being an attorney, judge, or prosecutor one day, law school will eventually be in your future. Before you can pursue a graduate degree to practice in whatever specialty holds your interest, you’ll need to go after a major for your undergraduate work.

The best law schools in the United States have an acceptance rate of under 20%. Most programs have an admitted applicant GPA average of 3.9 or higher. How you approach college life during your first years can set the stage for that eventual J.D. and career.

What major should you choose to start your journey off on the right foot? Here are a few of the top choices to consider. History Major

Understanding the fundamental basics of how laws and legal systems were created can give you an advantage in your future applications. This major will let you review cultures, important dates, landmark rulings, and other related materials. Your eventual arguments will have more authenticity when you have an in-depth understanding of how these structures developed.

English Major

An English major takes you through the essential literature of each societal period. It helps you gain new perspectives on why some laws were created while preparing you for all of the paperwork that comes with the legal profession. Some schools offer variations of this option, ranging from linguistics to journalism, building the foundation needed for a potentially successful law school application. Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication

Philosophy Major

Although this major might not be the first that comes to mind when thinking about law school, the logical thinking and practical debate that occurs is essential for the modern legal system. Some schools have a higher admission rating for this undergraduate degree, offering a potential advantage for your application.

Economics Major

If you dream about corporate law as your career, consider choosing this undergraduate major. You’ll learn how to analyze data while understanding how societies manage money effectively. Classes may include topics that include how businesses perform or receive impacts from boom periods and recessions.

Business Major

Several undergraduate degree variations exist in this category, ranging from corporate to administrative to marketing choices. This major is quite rigorous, requiring more work and class time each semester than most others. When you apply to law school, those traits can help you stand out from others with similar qualifications. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation

Mathematics Major

This undergraduate degree is one of the rarest choices for pursuing an eventual law degree, but it has some advantages. Students who graduate successfully following this major have above-average LSAT scores. The American Bar Association also recommends that everyone has a strong math foundation, reaching the pre-calculus level to understand this career choice's legal analytics.

Choosing the best undergraduate major to reach law school one day can be challenging at some schools. If you select a degree program from one of these categories, you’ll set yourself up for future success. Get a Great GRE Score with

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