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What Are the Best Undergraduate Majors for Medical School

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If you like the idea of helping people find a path to wellness, medical school might be the right educational path to take for your eventual career.

You don’t need to get a graduate degree to find high-quality jobs in the medical field. Becoming a Registered Nurse at schools like Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can be a 3-year or 4-year journey toward a fulfilling career.

When you want to attend medical school to pursue a specific position, these undergraduate degrees could help your application stand out from the rest.

1. Biological Sciences Major

Medical school teaches you how to heal the human body. When you pursue this major, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge needed about the sciences to excel in your eventual career. Topics may include molecular biology, microbiology, environmental science, and genetics.

2. Physical Sciences Major

When following this major at your undergraduate institution, you’ll learn more about general chemistry, modern physics, and some mathematics. Depending on the school, you might see geological sciences and quantitative analysis included in your curriculum. Having a scientific foundation for your med school application prepares you for the learning challenges that lie ahead. Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication

3. Mathematics Major

This undergraduate degree helps you pursue a universal language. When you work in the medical field, mathematics provides tools that you use daily to help people feel better. It works on the mind’s logic centers to help you discover potential treatments, perform research, or track community illness trends.

4. Social Sciences Major

When you pursue a medical career, you’re after a position that focuses on building relationships. If you understand the reasons why someone thinks or feels the way they do, it is much easier to treat the entire person instead of a specific symptom. The courses with this undergraduate degree include sociology, psychology, political science, and ethnic studies.

5. Humanities Major

Students who choose this major have the highest median MCAT scores of any other undergraduate degree pursuit. It is the work ethic of this program that stands out to a medical school. When you can successfully complete numerous prerequisites, that personal narrative shows administrators you have what it takes to be successful

6. Specialized Health Sciences Major

This degree covers many of the required courses that are necessary when applying for medical school one day. It’ll give you the foundation needed for whatever specialty you hope to one day pursue, including sociology, psychology, biochemistry, or critical analysis. If you’re still on the fence about what you want to do, this flexible degree can apply to animal health needs so that you could become a veterinarian instead.

Although more applicants have a biological sciences undergraduate degree than any other, medical schools look at multiple data points when evaluating your application. With a high GPA, total MCAT score, and other grading factors, you can pursue the career you love following these majors or your preferred field of study. Get a Great GRE Score with

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