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Awesome Degree And Career For Women - Aviation

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More women should consider aviation

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Aviation is an employment area often overlooked by women when applying for college or investigating potential careers. While pilots might be the first (or only) job to come to mind, aviation is in fact a very large industry with a wide variety of jobs that overlap with a multitude of interests and skills. Personally, I know women who are city airport managers, pilots, flight instructors, and aircraft dealers. A few examples of high paying aviation jobs include aviation lawyers, aerospace engineers, and even aircraft mechanics. Aviation is typically a beloved field for both the men and women in the industry. The women I know absolutely love their jobs. Of course, I would like to encourage all students to consider the aviation field; but in particular, I’d like to challenge the idea of aviation being “a man’s field” as it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Breaking it all down

There are some very excellent colleges in the aerospace world. Private specialized universities such as Embry-Riddle are considered to produce very high-quality degrees. Embry-Riddle offers degree programs at multiple campuses and worldwide through their online programs. However; the best kept secret of the aviation industry is that regional state universities have aviation programs. In most states, you can get an aerospace degree while paying in-state tuition in your home state. See the article resources below for a list of schools from the EAA.

Why do this?

You want a career that you will love and here are some reasons:

  • You will always be able to hold interesting conversations with people
  • Kids will look up to you as a role model in your field
  • You will meet interesting people from all over the world
  • When complete, your degree will be on level with scientists and even rock stars :) Well you get the point.

There are many different exciting career fields. But, if you haven’t already, you should investigate if aviation is a good fit for your career and life goals. Aviation is fun, exciting, and can pay well. If money isn’t your primary concern that is OK, there are lots of low paying jobs in aviation as well, such as being a co-pilot, working the flight line, or even a job in administration. All kidding aside, look through the degree offerings of some of the colleges listed by the EAA. This is not even a complete list. There are even more options available. We haven’t even talked about government jobs such as air traffic control, the Federal Aviation Administration, the military, or private jobs in search and rescue, air ambulance, logistics, ...etc. The possibilities for women (and men) in aviation are endless. Have fun, enjoy your degree, and get a bad-ass career!

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EAA Colleges & Universities Guide
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