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How To Save Money On College Textbooks

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Let’s be honest, college can be expensive! And, the costs don’t end with tuition, room and board. The costs of college textbooks and other supplies can add up quickly! A new science textbook can easily cost over $200. Here are a few suggestions on ways to save on textbooks.

Buy textbooks from other students

Purchasing used textbooks from other students can benefit both you and the seller. Typically, you will settle on a price that is more than the amount that the seller could resale the book to the campus bookstore, but less than the used book would cost at the campus bookstore. With the internet, you can purchase used books from around the country, so you don’t have to find a copy on your campus. But, if you purchase a non-local book, beware of shipping costs. Textbooks are heavy so they can be expensive to ship.

Buy older editions

Your campus bookstore is typically only able to purchase the current edition from publishers. Many textbooks have relatively minor changes from one edition to the next. For most older editions, the price will drop quickly within a couple semesters of the new edition release. Always reach out to your professor/instructor to see if an older edition will work for the class before purchasing an older book edition.

Buy used textbooks

Unless the textbook edition is brand new, your bookstore will likely have some used editions available. Additionally, used textbooks can be found at many online sites. Visit Nebraska Book Company to see if your textbook is available for purchase. 

Rent textbooks

Renting textbooks is also a great way to save money. Some universities have a formal textbooks rental program. Additionally, there are many online locations to rent college textbooks. Save up to 85% when you rent with! Also, check out Nebraska Book Company for textbook rentals.  

Consider an e-book

Many textbook publishers sell e-book versions of their textbooks online directly or indirectly. Often the e-book price is typically lower than the printed book cost. Some publishers even include additional resources with the e-book. Buy Digital Textbooks and Save up to 80% vs. Print

Sell your old textbooks

Okay, typically selling your old textbooks doesn’t actually save you money up front, but it can help you recoup some of your costs. Selling directly to other students on your campus or online will often allow you to make more money than selling directly to the bookstore. When selling to an individual, you’ll have more control over setting the price. However, selling to the bookstore is often quick and easy. Check out Nebraska Book Company if you are looking to sell your used textbooks. 

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