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Consider a Major in Biology

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Life is flourishing on planet earth. Some people seek to understand all life. Seeking knowledge in human biology has helped us live longer, happier lives. Biology is a field of science that seeks to make human life better by understanding life on earth. In this article, we are going to look at biology in detail. It will help you understand why you should choose biology as a major, how it helps you and the world, how much you can make with it! Let’s begin!

What is Biology?

When you aspire to get a degree in biology, you must consider the vast nature of the field. Biology is the study of any living thing. In biology, you will learn how life started on earth, how cells work, and how they function. You’ll study the very complex but sophisticated human body, and many more exciting things! You may have learned about what happens to the food you eat in school, but in this major, you will learn what happens to the food you eat with both biology and chemistry! The possibilities are infinite! If studying the origins and functions of life excites you, you will love biology!

How hard is it?

Biology majors require many science classes, so a basic interest and understanding of science are necessary. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue biology if you are passionate about living things but aren’t skilled in science. If you have enough interest, you can learn the hard stuff. As the saying goes, if you love what you do, nothing is hard!

What is in it for me?

  • Career in an exciting field
  • Reputation as a scientist
  • High job satisfaction
  • Great major for many graduate and professional programs

What kind of career can I end up with?

It’s a diverse field for sure. You can be a biomedical engineer if you love electronics as well as biology, with the role of designing or creating equipment or artificial organs. If you love the earth and nature, you can become an environmental scientist, dealing with factors like air quality and pollution, providing a solution to current environmental problems like global warming, designing things that can reduce the harm, or even things like how to grow plants on Martian land! You could be a food scientist, who research or develop some specific kind of food and analyze the effects of that on living organisms. You can also become a microbiologist, focusing on the living things that we can’t see with bare eyes. As we said, it’s a diverse field. Your career entirely depends on you and where you end up as your interests may change with time. But this will be an exciting field, whatever career path you choose!

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