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Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers and Professors

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Do you have a teacher, professor or other educator on your holiday shopping list? Are you an educator looking to buy yourself something special for the holidays?  We have you covered with gift ideas in all price ranges.  Click the following links to move to the designated gift category: for  made for teachers, personal accessories, planners, for pet lovers, office furniture, audiobooks, and selfcare.

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Specifically For Teachers

Want a gift designed for teachers?  Here are a great couple ideas. 

Personal Accessories 

From fun jewelry to a practical backpack, personal accessories can make the perfect gift. 

J.Bubs Jewelry & Accessories


A good planner can help turn a hectic year into a successful year.  I'm a huge fan of the Planner Pads Co. unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you. Check out my review for the Planner Pad. Many educators also prefer a more traditional planner. 

For the pet lover

Does your educator love pets? Do they have a dog or cat (or 2) that they love to spoil? If so, here are some fun pet related gift ideas. 

Office Furniture

Do you or the educator on your list need some updated office furniture? How old is their office chair? Does their chair still provide proper support? Would they want a convertable table that would allow them to turn their desk into a standing desk? 

Office Designs - Free Shipping


Many educators love to read but rarely find the time to read for fun.  Consider an audio book that they can listen to driving their daily commute or while working around the house.  

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

Self Care 

Does your educator spend all their time caring for others?  Could they use a little help making themself a priority?

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