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What to Do with a Communications Degree

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Many creative type personalities find themselves drawn to the communications major. They are attracted to it because it focuses on creative projects within the business realm. But the world of professional communication careers is changing quickly, and most of the college classes you’ll take in communications may not fully prepare you for potential career paths. There are many more available options now for jobs you can get with a communications degree.

If you’re thinking about what to do after you graduate, look no further. These are 5 of the fastest-growing careers with a communications degree.

    1. Journalism

    While print media may be on its way out, journalism is still very much alive. You could say that a career in journalism is looking stronger than ever, as more news outlets are available through the internet. A journalist communicates with the general public about current events, news, and topics that are important to our society. Journalists can enter many fields, including radio, podcasts, documentaries, blogs, and online journals. Someone who studies to become a journalist is also educated to work in other journalism-related positions, such as an editor and news anchor.

    2. Copywriter

    Copywriters are some of the most dynamic writers in the business field. Copywriters write business copy, which consists of marketing emails, blogs, brochures, web content, and much more. A copywriter can write copy for any content that a business needs. Many copywriters choose to specialize their skills into one or a few of these categories. You can copy-write for a company or write freelance. James Patterson Teaches Writing

    3. Social Media Manager

    Many companies are utilizing social media to reach their target audience, and they need social media managers to get there. Social media managers analyze when is the best time to post, and they often plan and execute social media campaigns. They need to have a solid understanding of brand image to communicate effectively. Communications majors are uniquely suited for social media positions because they learn how to write for the public audience.

    4. Advertising

    Advertising is a type of marketing communication that promotes a product or idea. Many communications majors specialize in advertising and go on to plan, create, and publish advertising for companies. Many big brands have in-house advertising teams. There are also separate advertising agencies that take on brands as their clients. Advertising is a competitive field, so if you’re really interested, be sure to network and be persistent with applying.

    5. Event Planner

    Event planners develop and execute small or upscale events, conferences, and meetings. They handle reservations, payment, preparations, and cleanup. They will respond to various issues and emergencies associated with the event. Event planners can work for a company or form their own client base. If you want to be an event planner, you need to be organized, mindful of details, and highly self-motivated.

    Communications is one of the most versatile major options, and if you enjoy planning gatherings, social media, or writing, you will find your path in the communications field.

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