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6 Tips to Successfully Convert to Online Classes

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Has COVID-19 affected your college life? Many students who were used to attending classes in person are now going to have to convert to online classes after Thanksgiving. While many students have already been taking online classes, it can be understandably difficult for those taking in-person classes to change their “normal” schedule to a full online schedule.

Many colleges are going to transition to fully online classes for the near foreseeable future, so it would be beneficial for you to learn to adapt. To survive and thrive during the final weeks of the Fall semester, use these tips to convert to online classes.

One. Practice Self Care

Understand that it’s okay to take time for yourself and take breaks away from the computer when you’re studying online. Your professors don’t expect you to spend all day on the computer, and that isn’t good for your health. Devote as much time as you can to classes and studying, and that time can vary day by day.

Two. Follow a Schedule

Create a schedule that mirrors real, in-person classes. Set aside blocks of time to focus on each class, that way you don’t procrastinate or become too focused and burnt out. Use the block of time to review material, do homework, and study. As soon as the block of time is up, move on to the next class or take a break. The Planner Pad organizer will help you be more focused and organized.

Three. Create a Learning Environment

When you have the freedom to have class anywhere you want, it can be tempting to slouch on the couch while having multiple distractions going. But isolating yourself from distractions will be one of your best tools for staying motivated in the class. Find a quiet place or a place with minimal background noise that helps you focus.

Four. Connect with Classmates

One of the most difficult parts of doing your coursework online will be the perceived loneliness it can bring, but you are not alone in your classes. Reach out to your classmates, work on assignments together virtually, and ask and extend help. This will help you feel less alone and may make the class easier.

Five. Engage in Class

Choose to treat the class as if it is a real in-person class. Even though it may feel odd to try to learn information through your computer, you will still be responsible for your grade in the class. As soon as you have a question, seek out help. Online professors are there to help you.

Six. Stay Motivated

The pandemic has changed many people’s schedules and forced them to change their plans. Understandably, these huge life changes can be disheartening and make it difficult to stay motivated. That is why it is important to motivate yourself. Reward yourself by engaging in your hobby, relaxing with a good book, or baking your favorite treat when you keep to your schedule.

Things look different than they did a year ago, and there’s a good chance that things aren’t changing any time soon. With these tips, you’ll be able to transition to online classes and still have a successful semester.


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