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I tried the Planner Pad. This is what I found.

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Previous Planners and Why I Chose to Try the Planner Pad

After 10 years of using a Bullet Journal, I was totally excited to try to a Planner Pad Organizer. I choose to purchase the Spiral Bound, Dated, Personal Size Seasons Organizer shown below.  I was able to select a 3rd quarter start date, which was awesome since I didn't have to pay for months that had already passed or wait until January 1 to start using the organizer.  

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I was interested in the Planner Pad Organizer since it has a unique system designed to help organize, prioritize and schedule based on importance.  The Planner Pad Organizer's system is very similar to an informal system I was using the last few year'.  See our story, "How to Prioritize When Everything is Important."  Between my day job, blog and personal life, keeping track of everything going on was getting challenging.  I wanted to see if the Planner Pad Organizer could help me spend less time prioritizing and more time getting things done.  

This is what I found

The top section is designed to list your categories.  I created a category for each of my classes, one for our blog and one for my personal life.  In each category, I added a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished over the week. 

The second section is a daily "to-do" list.  Each evening I filled in the "to-do" list for the next day.  I was quickly able to look at my weekly tasks to decide which tasks need to be completed each day.  

The third section is an appointments section.  At the beginning of the week, I added my class and meeting schedule to the appointments.  In the evening when I was updating my "to-do" list for the next day, I was also able to block out sections of time to work on a particular task.  Having my weekly and daily "to-do" lists means that when I have unexpected time come available, I can quickly look at my lists to figure out the best task to work on. 

On the right, there is a small section for notes as well as 3 calendars (previous month, current month and the next month).  

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What's Included?

Included in the Planner Pad Organizer

  • 1 year (52-weeks of the Planner Pads Organizational System)
  • Personal information page
  • 3 year calendar to help with future planning
  • 3 year holiday calendar
  • Time zones map
  • Monthly calendar
  • Contact list
  • Note pages

Ending Thoughts

I am very excited about my new Spiral Bound, Dated, Personal Size Seasons Organizer.  The organizer has helped increase my organization and my productivity.  Whether you are a student, parent or educator, The Planner Pad organizer will help you be more focused and organized.  I am now considering buying the Wall Calendar to help with organization for our blog.  

If you are looking for more college tips, visit us at our home page here.

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