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Get in the Halloween Spirit - Watch These 5 Spooky TV Shows

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Do you love celebrating Halloween? This season is many people’s favorites for a reason. Crunchy leaves, warm drinks, and cozy cardigans encourage many of us to stay home and curl up on the couch to watch our favorite Halloween television shows.

Grab your cocoa and candy corn, because these are the 5 best TV Shows to celebrate the Halloween spirit.

1 Stranger Things

    Stranger Things has become a worldwide phenomenon for a reason. Taking place in the 1980s, a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana encounter other-worldly creatures after one of their friends disappears. These creatures belong to a mysterious world known as The Upside Down. It is considered more thriller than horror, and more suspenseful than scary. If you’re looking for a binge-worthy TV show, this one is for you.

    2 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

      The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a darker adaptation of the stories from Archie comics. It’s rated TV-14 for some adult content, following a young girl’s coming-of-age story as she decides if she wants to follow her family tradition of becoming a witch. If you’re interested in horror, witchcraft, and the occult, then this is the show for you.

      3 The Haunting of Hill House

        Based on a 1959 Gothic Horror Novel, The Haunting of Hill House is set in the present day but looks back on the tragedies a group of siblings faced in their past. The siblings return to the house their mother died in, to be confronted by both the ghosts in the house and the ghosts of their minds. Which is scarier? True fans of horror will appreciate this mind-bending series.

        4 Supernatural

          Supernatural follows two brothers who fight mythological monsters through the Midwest. There is a mystery element to it, as they often encounter the creatures before they know what they are. Then they have to learn how to destroy them. The series develops to show complex relationships of heaven, hell, angels, and devils. This series is a good one to start if you want something to watch for a long time, as there are 15 seasons with about 20 episodes each.

          5 Locke & Key

            Rendell Locke was tragically murdered by one of his students, and his family moves back to the house he grew up in, called the Keyhouse located in Massachusetts. The house has magic that can be unlocked by mysterious keys that appear for the siblings when they need them. Through the series, we learn more about who killed Rendell Locke and discover the evil entities that haunt the house. If you like the magic from Harry Potter, then you’ll love the supernatural magic in Locke and Key.

            You don’t have to celebrate Halloween just one day a year, you can feel the Halloween spirit all season long with your favorite scary TV shows. Just don’t blame us if you have trouble sleeping. 

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