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Looking for the Best College? You Need to Attend a NACAC Virtual Fair

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Covid-19 has changed everything

Let’s be honest, figuring out the right college is challenging during a normal year. This year Covid-19 has impacted all aspects of our lives; and unfortunately, the college search wasn’t spared. Very few, if any, traditional college fairs will be held. With travel restrictions, closed college campuses, and exposure risks, it is unusually difficult to visit colleges in person this year.

If you are down to deciding between a couple college campuses, you’ll still want that in-person (if possible) visit to help you make a final decision. If your final schools aren’t offering in person visits, reach out to the admissions office as they probably have virtual tours.

For parents and students early in the college search process, virtual college fairs are the best way to learn about a variety of programs at once.

Who is NACAC?

NACAC is the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Each year, NACAC holds college fairs around the country. Due to the pandemic, this fall NACAC is holding several virtual fairs. The virtual fairs have colleges/universities from around the country and even international programs.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, Oct 12 1p - 9 pm EDT

Sunday, Oct 18 12p - 8 pm EDT

Sunday, Nov 8 2p - 10 pm EST

Sign up at:

What to expect

  • Information sessions to help you make the most out of the fair
  • Live and interactive Zoom sessions on a variety of college topics
  • Colleges and programs from around the country and world
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with college admission counselors (be sure to sign up early)
  • Attend information sessions by university and programs

For more information related to college, visit our main page here.



Virtual Fair sign-up:

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