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4 Ways to Celebrate Halloween When You’re in College

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Gone are the days of trick-or-treating down your parent’s street. When you grow up and go to college, you have to celebrate Halloween in a different way than you did as a kid. It can be difficult to find time to celebrate your favorite holiday when you are working on schoolwork and studying around the clock. Luckily, you don’t need much time or money to still have fun during this season.

If you’re looking for college Halloween costumes or college Halloween party ideas, these 4 ways to celebrate Halloween will be your most memorable yet.

DIY Costume

    When your pockets are empty due to rising tuition costs, your best bet at a Halloween costume is a simple, yet creative costume you can put together yourself. Some of the most creative costumes can be the most memorable. Check out your local thrift store for pieces of clothing to redesign or repurpose. Some common household objects can be used to create simple costumes. Pinterest is a popular place to search for easy and stylish DIY costumes. Another idea is to get a friend or a group of friends together for a theme. Themed costumes, make really good Instagram-worthy pictures. 

    If you'd rather purchase a new costume than make your own, check out the great costumes at Tipsy Elves LLC

    Movie Night

      If you want your friends to get together without the party atmosphere, invite them for a movie night. There are many Halloween movies you can watch throughout October. If you want to watch a horror movie, The Grudge and The Exorcist are universally scary. For those who are fainter of heart, a family favorite like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus would be more enjoyable. If you prefer the classics, Hitchcock’s Psycho is still considered one of the most horrifying films. This is also a good opportunity to have a classic warm drink, like apple cider or hot chocolate.

      Read a Book or Listen to an AudioBook

      Visit your local library, bookstore or to read or listen to a new or favorite horror story. Invite your friends to read or listen to the same book and hold a Halloween related book club.  You can even dress up as characters from the book or decorate your room to create a spooky ambience for your book club. 


        Whether you prefer your Halloween spooky or scary, your dorm room is an excellent place to bring the spirit of Halloween to your life while you’re celebrating through the season. Order some string lights to hang up in your room, or add a pumpkin-themed blanket to your bed. The trend for 2020 is to purchase used Halloween decorations from the thrift store, and then spray paint them to fit your aesthetic. I’d recommend using sanitizing spray on anything you buy for your room.

        Halloween Party

          Made famous by Mean Girls, a Halloween costume party is the perfect place to showcase your spooky costume. If you’re throwing the party, you’ll want to make sure to provide Halloween-themed food and decorations. Cobwebs, dark lighting, and jack-o-lanterns are all classic decorations. Halloween candy is a pretty easy dessert to set out, but if you feel like baking, you can do ghost-themed cookies, pumpkin muffins, or even Halloween pretzels. You can search Pinterest to find more creative and budget-friendly ideas.

          Halloween can be celebrated by everyone, and it will be especially fun during your college years. With these tips, you can make the most of this holiday while you’re going to school. For more tips on college life, visit us here.


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